Alton Jones and Alton Jones Jr. Bassmaster Elite Pros – S2 E16

I have to say that Alton Jones and Alton Jones Jr. are nearly as much of an enigma as they are an open book. I know, that sounds very contradictory…

In the course of researching our upcoming guests, we reach out to all sorts of folks to get an inside scoop, and we came up empty for the father and son elite series pros.

However, their records tell you a lot about these two. Alton Sr. is a decorated winner on the B.A.S.S. tour for decades now, and after winning several opens, Alton Jr. qualified not only for the Bassmaster Classic, but a spot on the Elite Series trail. Quite the accomplishment; so rare in fact, they are to date the only father and son to compete against each other in the Elite Series.

We catch up with Alton and Alton Jr. to pick up our discussion about the 2017 Elite Series, and more importantly, we learn a great deal about practice for these events. I’ve often wondered what the pro’s thought about practice, as opinions vary, and some of the habits they have during practice. Some anglers like to catch fish, others fear they’ll make the fish “hook-shy” after finding them so they avoid it at all costs. How much practice is too much practice? Is there such a thing as too much practice? And when you get on the fish come tournament time, do you save your spots for later in the weekend, or burn through a spot to make sure you get the biggest bag you can that day?

We’ll wrap up the conversation with a very important message from the Jones’. Alton Sr. was recently diagnosed with hearing damage; a result of his many years making runs up and down the lake chasing bass. You’ll want to hear his message, and how it has impacted Alton Jr.’s view of hearing protection. Losing your hearing can cost you dearly on the water and off; Alton Jones can tell you how. An you’ll find out how his newest partner has helped his hearing loss on the water and off.

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