Becoming Emcee of BASS Elite Series with Dave Mercer – S2 E19

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Before he tells the story of becoming emcee of the BASS Elite Series, we have to wrap up our look at the 2017 Bassmaster Elite Series with the Angler of the Year tournament on Mille Lacs. Dave tells us how he has mixed feelings about this final stop of the tour, and how despite his admitted love for “little brother” Brandon Palaniuk, he hates that only one of the many deserving anglers gets crowned as the Angler of the Year.

Last time we had Dave on the show, we talked for quite some time off the record. One of the most interesting stories he shared with me was the story of how he became the emcee for the Bassmaster Elite Series. The man has a talent for spinning yarns, and since it was “off-the-record” talk between he and I, we couldn’t share that story at the time. However, before parting, Dave asked me that the next time we have him on the show, I remind him to tell that story.

At last, the perfect opportunity had presented itself for Dave to return to the show, and tell this story: We’ve just wrapped up the Elite Series season, and our guest next week is none other than fishing legend Jerry McKinnis.

You’ll want to listen to this show as it will set the stage perfectly for our next two episodes.


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