Bassmaster Elite Emcee Dave Mercer – S1 E51

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Dave Mercer is a man I admire and respect on so many levels. First, he’s a man of the people, and while he has a giant personality, he has only the smallest measure of ego. As I spoke with Dave and he revealed more and more of his personal life, and many of his viewpoints on the industry and those trying to carve their niche in it, my respect grew.

Dave has not only been one of the most fascinating and lively guests we’ve had to date, he’s also been a big supporter of this show. Were it not for Dave talking up this show, we’d have never had the privilege of sharing the stories of Brandon Palaniuk and Mark Zona.

In this episode, Dave and I tackle some big topics like how day after day he puts on his gameface; there are no sick days or calling it in when you are the voice of the Bassmaster Elite Series. Dave tells us a little bit about some of the folks that are doing it right, and who to watch: Cooper Gallant and Aaron Weibe make his short list.

We wrap up this week’s show with Dave giving his version of the infamous Big Jim story and how close he really came to feeding his fingers to a hungry snapping turtle.


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