Berkley B1 President Ben Woo – S2 E5

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Berkley B1 President Ben Woo joins us on The One More Cast Show this week. Ben is a household name in the Canadian fishing industry, first gaining notoriety on the Fish’n Canada show in a series of spots hosted by Castrol. He’s a man of many talents and many dimensions, leveraging is expertise in marketing and sponsorships to carve his niche in the fishing industry.

The timing couldn’t be better as the first event in the expanded Berkley B1 Tour in Belleville has just drawn to a close. We’ll get into that with Ben in the second half of our chat however.

We sit down and learn about Ben’s past; how he came into the industry and the unique path he took. The conversation steers toward the educational side of things, as Ben and I share a great deal of advice about making your way in the industry. You won’t want to miss advice from someone who knows the industry so well, and has “been there and done that”.


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