Breaking Boundaries host JP DeRose – S2 E3

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Breaking Boundaries host JP DeRose is one of my favorite personalities in the industry. That is due, in large part, to the educational quality of the programs he’s created over the years. When I first got back into fishing it was a friend who recommended JP’s show Getting School’d; it was a show like no other, focusing not only on industry news but taking those products on to the water to show them in action.

We’ll get to know JP a little better, focusing on his early years growing up in Toronto, and how his path in the arts and love of fishing intersected.

JP shares with us his unique powers of recall from gear specifications to days on the water, which lends to his ability to teach anglers about selecting the right gear for the application. JP is a really hand’s on guy and “learn by doing” type, and we discuss how deep into the process he gets with his productions.

The conversation turns to how JP made the leap from being a successful tournament angler into a key figure in a fledgling World Fishing Network. We truly get a really interesting look into JP’s transition into show production, and the back story to the creation of one of my all-time favorite shows: Getting School’d

If you want to know more about JP DeRose and his shows Getting School’d, Beyond the Cast, and Breaking Boundaries, you won’t want to miss Episode 3 and 4 of our second season.


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