Angler and Physiologist Dr. Bruce Tufts from Tufts Lab – S1 E46

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Dr. Bruce Tufts is one of the most fascinating guests we’ve had on the show to date; and that’s saying a lot considering some of the folks we’ve talked to.

This week, is one of my favorite shows, for the love of science and understanding the impact we as anglers have on the environment we relax in.

We’ll start the conversation with a look at the work Bruce and team have been doing in the Bay of Quinte. Bruce shares with us some of the more important findings they’ve had in their time tagging and tracking fish in tournaments and casual fishing.  This leads us into a discussion about the necessity of returning large breeding fish back into the fishery to ensure future resources.

I’ve asked other guests before, but we get some great answers from Bruce about the impact of commercial and recreational fishing on such bodies of water as Lake Nipissing and Lake Scugog. While these are Ontario Canada lakes, the message Bruce sends is clear: We’re often walking that razor’s edge between a thriving fishery and a depleted one.

We’ll wrap up talking about the effectiveness of programs such as lake stocking, slot limits, and daily catch limits. The answers may surprise some of you…


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