Canadian Angling Legend Bob Izumi – S2 E1

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I’ve looked up to Bob Izumi since I was a child. His show inspired my imagination, and I often dreamed of the fish I’d catch next time I was up at the cottage or on a trip to somewhere new. When I was at home though, I could always count on a weekly dose of Bob Izumi’s Real Fishing Show.

We don’t always have the chance to meet the people who inspire us, but as chance would have it, Bob and I connected and sat down to share his story. We’ll talk about the early days and the impact his father had on tournament fishing in Ontario, and about Bob’s early career. No chat would be complete without talking about the veritable army of Izumi’s who are out there making their impact on the fishing industry.

Sit back and enjoy our chat with the host of one of the longest running syndicated television shows in Canada: Bob Izumi.


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