Classic Champion and Bassmaster Live Co-Host Davy Hite – S2 E12

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Bassmaster Classic Champion, former Elite Series Pro, and co-host of Bassmaster Live Davy Hite joins us again this week!

We’ll take a look at how the “First Look” segment was developed for Bassmaster, and how that naturally set the stage for a future co-hosting the Bassmaster Live coverage of the Elite Series. Davy talks about how being a professional angler made it natural for talking to other anglers; despite the natural angst of being on the sidelines.

The conversation steers toward the impressive rookie class for the 2017 Elite Series Season. It’s tough when you put guys who are so close to the action on the spot, as they have to stay objective when it comes to the anglers they cover. But after a quick chat about Jordan Lee and his obvious trajectory of success culminating  with his 2017 Classic win, we move on to how the conversation started about Davy joining the Live team.

I sum up this leg of the conversation with one of my favorite observations: Be careful what you say to Mark Zona.

We’ll wrap up our chat talking about the young anglers on the tour that we need to keep an eye on, and Davy shares some of his thoughts on who to watch. As we do with many of our guests, we do some digging and come up with some funny stories about Davy, but you’ll want to hear him tell them.


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