Conservation Geneticist Doctor David Philipp – S2 E9

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Conservation Geneticist Doctor David Philipp joins us on The One More Cast Show. Our friend, past guest, and conservationist Gord Pyzer wrote a revealing piece in Outdoor Canada on the work of this man, which inspired us to reach out and share his story.

David is a biologist who is best known for his work in the fields of conservation genetics, reproductive ecology, and more recently the effects of recreational fishing on fish populations. David also shares with us a related study of lure recognition; a topic many anglers and scientists have debated over the years.

In Episode 9, David shares with us his early years including his path to becoming a professor at the University of Illinois. We’ll discuss the creation of the Fisheries Conservation Foundation for which he is a chairperson. Finally, we’ll get an in-depth look at the behaviors of bass through the three key phases of reproduction: Pre-Spawn, Spawning, and Post-Spawn.

David’s research is fascinating, and we’d all be well served to take the time to understand the findings of his team, and others working in this vitally important field. Next week, we’ll share part 2 of our conversation, wrapping up our discussion of spawning behaviors, discuss alternative solutions to traditional season closings for the spawn, and close out our chat with his findings on lure recognition.

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