More with Facts of Fishing’s Dave Mercer – S1 E52

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I’ve been called many things, but Dave Mercer comparing me to Oprah and Sally Jessy Raphael has got to be one of the strangest. When I got the chance to connect with Dave, I expected a great high-energy chat, but it was great getting to see the more thoughtful side of the man. In our last episode, Dave talked about his daughter’s diagnosis of autism, something he really hadn’t talked about before this interview. He shared some sage advice about keeping perspective and putting on your game face every day, and about how desire and dedication are key to achieving your goals.

In part 3, we get exactly the Dave everyone expected: a fantastic story-telling, telling wild tales.

Dave was so kind as to indulge me and share my very favorite story; one that appears in his book: 135 Secrets Fish Don’t Want You To Know.

You may know the “Bait Bucket” story, and it’s one the poor guy has probably told a hundred times, but Dave tells it again for us, because that’s the kind of guy he is.

I can’t imagine a higher note to finish season 1 of The One More Cast Show on…


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