Donald Paterson Fishing for Memories and Host of NB Bassin’ – S1 E11

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Donald Paterson is from New Brunswick, Canada. And it is here we catch up with Don to talk about the charitable organization he started called Fishing For Memories, benefiting the Alzheimer’s Society of New Brunswick… When he is not working on his charity, Don also host’s his own fishing podcast NB Bassin’ focusing on bass fishing in the province of New Brunswick.

Join us as we talk about pickerel tournaments, monster striped bass, and native smallmouth bass. Some of the audio may be a little distracting with some background noises, but the content is just way to good not to share with you!

Episode Resources:

Alzheimer’s Society of New Brunswick:

Don Paterson on Twitter: @quackers1976

Fishing For Memories on Twitter: @Fishing4Memory

New Brunswick Sport Fishing Association:

NB Bassin’ Podcast: NB Bassin Podcast

Doiron Sports Excellence:

Pure Fishing  Canada:

Fishbum Outfitters:

Carrot Stix:

Southern Yankee Baits:


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