Rod Building and Selection with Robert Wimberly of Big Bear Fishing Rods – S1 E21

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Building a quality fishing rod is pretty much a science; at least it is to Robert Wimberly of Big Bear Fishing Rods.

You can practically guarantee that if you ask 100 people you’ll get 100 different answers about how to select the right rod. This is a a critical part of the fishing experience, so how could opinions vary so much as they do? Well, the answer, is that there isn’t really an answer. Much of the process comes down to personal feel and of course quality; the latter usually being dictated by budget.

Our guest, Robert Wimberly, creates some of the highest quality rods that money can buy. I don’t want to spoil the episode, but you will find an attention to detail in Big Bear Fishing Rods that you just can’t find in off the shelf brands. More importantly, Robert has agreed to share what he has learned over the years with me, so that I can share it with you.

Buckle up for this highly technical episode of One More Cast; you are bound to learn a lot about fishing rods, and how they can literally make or break your day on the water.

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