Rod Building in depth with Dunamis’ Josh Phillips – S1 E26

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Josh Phillips broke the news about the new Dunamis Series 1 rods with the 100% Lifetime Guarantee on the One More Cast Show. This week, we have the rest of the conversation, picking up directly after Josh stated his guarantee to every Dunamis customer.

In this episode, we’re going to finish our discussion about the new series 1, and then move on to the rod design process. While Josh agrees with many of the ideas that Robert Wimberly of Big Bear Rods shared, there are a few interesting places where Josh has some different ideas. We ultimately steer the conversation into how Dunamis will ensure that you are always happy with your purchase, and Josh shares a story about past guest Derek Herring at my request.

It’s a great episode packed with information you need to have before you purchase your next fishing rod.


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