The “Doc” Gord Pyzer on thinking outside the box – S1 E30

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It’s almost impossible to dissect a man like Gord who knows volumes about fishing, but in part 2, we get Gord Pyzer to reveal some of the his technique discoveries. We often think that “this is a bass technique” and never apply the technique to other species. Gord shares a story about drop-shotting walleye with his good friend Bob Izumi.

For the Salmon people, Gord shares his incredible application of a lake trout pattern to put a rediculous number of salmon in the boat out west. This story dovetails into a story about using large paddle tail swimbaits to grab monster musky; a largemouth technique applied to big northern musky.

Our chat moves into conservation, and we get Gord’s take on fishing bass during the spawn, the closure of walleye on Lake Scugog, and the responsibility we have as anglers to use our resources responsibly.


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