Gord Pyzer on invasive species and what he’s doing now – S1 E31

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If only we could have Gord Pyzer on every week; there is no doubt that at some point he would be sure to share some earth shaking secret he’s been squirreling away. Gord’s the kind of guy who literally lives to share his experiences and the fruits of his beautiful mind, but we find out this week he’s got a few cards he still keeps close to his chest.

Gord gets really scientific with us this week as we discuss the impact of invasive species, and his view of how in a matter of 50-100 years, the profile of a fishery can change entirely. This isn’t always for the better as you will discover in Gord’s revealing talk. We wrap things up this week with some friendly banter, and Gord shares with us the many projects he tirelessly works on with us. Lastly, Gord kindly invites yours truly to share a boat with him some time; now that is an offer you can’t refuse.


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