Don ‘DB’ Barone on writing stories and The Tackle the Storm Foundation – S1 E35

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Being a journalist of sorts, I truly enjoyed the chance to talk with a real pro like Don Barone. Despite usually being the interviewer, Don was very casual and comfortable to talk to, and was quite candid with some of his answers.

In this episode, we’ll chat a little more about how the game has changed in journalism as the internet has developed. News travels fast in the new world of information, but that is a place where a man like Don is separated from your typical columnist; you can’t just google the story of “Joe the sewing machine repairman”; you have to sit down with Joe, let him tell his story, and you share that story with others.

I ask Don to share some detail on his visit to the St. Croix rods factory, and the inspiration for his article on meeting “the people” at the information booth at the Bassmaster Classic.

Lastly, Don bashfully tells us more about the Tackle The Storm foundation that he founded after a fashion with his friend Skeet Reese. Years later this not-for-profit charity is doing well, and is quietly doing great work for people in need.

“For a child, a rod and reel is a magic wand… every cast is a chance at treasure” – Don ‘DB’ Barone


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