Brandon Palaniuk recaps Elite Series event on Okeechobee – S1 E40

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We had a chance to catch a recap of Cherokee, discuss the preparation that goes into the next event at Okeechobee, and this week we’ve got Brandon Palaniuk back on the show to let us see the Elite Series event on Okeechobee through his eyes.

Brandon relates his experiences in practice, and talks about the conditions in the area, including recent events that may have affected the area. We take a look at what Brandon’s game plan was, and how he adapted when it wasn’t coming together. Brandon admittedly avoids “fishing in a crowd” and we speculate on how that may have affected his game plan.

We transition into the event itself, and how Thursday and Friday inevitably saw Brandon outside of the cut for the rest of the weekend. We get a good look at the thought process of an Elite Series angler who has to change their game plan after a tough first day. Unfortunately for Brandon, disaster strikes on Friday, and we find out what happened.

Hang in there for Brandon’s look at the next big show: The Bassmaster Classic.


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