Florida Angler and Scott Martin Challenge Competitor Mikey Balzz – S1 E44

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Our guest Michael Meisenheimer aka Mikey Balzz shares with us some of the most candid and thoughtful advice any of our previous guests have shared.

We kick off the conversation narrowing down Mikey’s stomping grounds, which evolves into a bigger picture discussion about Florida waterways, bass behaviour, and the parallels between fishing bass in Ontario and Florida.

Assuming you’ve spent any time in Florida, you’re probably well aware of how the weather can change at the drop of a hat. Mikey and I share a good laugh over the crazy weather, and how just about everything in Florida has it’s way of trying to kill you.

It was a pleasure chatting with someone who takes his fishing seriously, but himself so casually. He’s a big personality, with an easy going manner, and a solid dose of humility.


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