Canadian Fishing Icon “Big” Jim McLaughlin – S1 E49


Of all the Big Jim’s out there, Jim McLaughlin is the biggiest…

Jim is a true man of the people, and always has time to teach a new angler, take a picture with a new friend, and even share his daily routine on social media with those follow him. In just a short time of chatting I found the familiarity of how we talked to be comforting, like talking fishing with an old friend. But, that’s Big Jim; he is just that kind of guy. We meandered through talking about his career angling, and a very serious message about preventative checkups with your doctor; heck we even chatted about the new vacuum Jim bought recently, and his new home.

In this episode, we right the ship and just talk fishing. Jim knows his stuff, and shares with us a lot about his work with Shimano, and spares some time to tell us about the fine work of past guest Dr. Bruce Tufts. Tune in for a great big of fish talk from a man who sure can talk.


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