Real Fishing host Bob Izumi – S2 E2

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Bob Izumi is well known to everyone within the fishing industry in Canada, and is truly a household name amongst those who don’t fish. With the longest running show of it’s kind, there’s no wonder why the man is synonymous with fishing shows here. Add to that an entire family of Izumi’s all making their mark on the industry, and you can easily see why I’d be bristling with excitement for the opportunity to speak with someone I’ve grown up admiring.

In the second half of our talk with Bob, he shares some insight into how they roll with the punches when “shoot day” throws a few curveballs. We’ll talk some more about the Izumi family and their strong presence in the industry, and we’ll try and get Bob to pick some of his favorite fishing adventures out of a lifetime of them. As he is an avid tournament angler, we steer the conversation into the expansion of the Berkley B1 and his thoughts on how the event is evolving. We wrap up the show chatting about some of the charitable work he’s done quietly over the years through Fishing Forever.

It’s another fantastic show with another of the finest members of the sport fishing industry.


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