Simon Frost from Frostbite Guide Services – S2 E14

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Simon Frost is the owner/operator of Frostbite Guide Services out of Southern Ontario. When we left off from episode 13, we were chatting about how down and side scanning sonar has changed the face of fishing, especially for those looking to eliminate unproductive water quickly. Simon shares with us a few of the amazing discoveries he’s had scanning the bottom of the lakes he fishes.

It’s said time and again, that to find the fish, you want to find the structure and the cover. Simon shares his tips for identifying those constructive structures using this amazing technology and gives us some excellent advice on finding those “fish highways”.

I’ve never gone fishing with a guide per se, so naturally I was curious about the experience. Simon takes us step by step through the experience you get when you fish with Frostbite Guide Services; most importantly, a full day is a full day with Simon. It’s clear he’s a man who takes pride in what he does, and Simon tells us when he guides it’s your party, but all you need to do is show up dressed for the day, lunch in hand, and he’ll do the rest.

We’ll wrap up the show with some stories from Simon about the interesting folks he’s shared time on the water with, and I ask Simon to share his best advice for people who want to learn how to be a better bass angler. Some of his answers may surprise you.


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