Television Fishing Show Legend Jerry McKinnis – S2 E20

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Dave Mercer set the stage perfectly for our chat with television fishing show legend Jerry McKinnis. I could ramble on for ages telling you all about what Jerry means to the sport of fishing, but why would I when Jerry is more than equal to the task of telling it?

We’ll set the stage with Jerry’s early years as an aspiring major league baseball player. Unlike many, Jerry is a man who takes a moment to learn as much from his failures as his successes, and takes a very great lesson away from his time with the Athletics. One failed career in baseball opened a world of opportunity in the fishing industry; we should all be thankful that Jerry walked away from the sport he loved to bring us closer to the sport we love.

Jerry shares with us how he became one of the first ever to produce and film a television show based on sport fishing. From it’s modest roots, to national syndication, you’ll hear it right from the pioneer himself.

We couldn’t be prouder to share the story of a many who has made such a mark on the sport of fishing.


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